What Is A Bail Bonds Business

What Is A Bail Bonds Business About in Los Angeles?

Bail amount is the money required as surety against the temporary freedom granted to an offender, to get them some time out of jail, at least till their assigned case is heard. The bail money is set on the basis of the crime committed along with its severity, and in accordance with the prevalent laws of the state in which the crime was executed.

Bail is paid by the offender or by their relatives or friends to get them out of spending time in jail before their appearance in front of the judge. But sometimes, it is not possible for the defendant or their family to make the required bail payment, as the amount required may be too high a total. And this is where bail bonding agencies come in to provide their valuable services for the assistance of all those offenders who are in need of the required amount to get out of the jailhouse and prepare for their expected case hearing.

Bail Bond Agencies - What They Do

Bail bond agencies are actually service providers who facilitate and assist arrested law offenders and their families, in arranging the required capital to make the needed bail payment. They offer their services at the time of urgent need and charge around 10 to 15%, depending on the prosecuting state, of the total bail amount charged to secure the freedom of the detained individual.

Bail bond agencies offer their surety on the behalf of the offender, that the detainee will make a due appearance in court on the date of his case hearing. The offender makes around 10% of the bail payment themselves while the bonding agency provides their surety to make the complete payment, if the offender fails to show up in court. When the bail bond is returned after the case hearing, the amount collected by the bail bonds company is their fees for their rendered services.

Fees are nonrefundable.

Furthermore, in order to safeguard their rights and to incite the offender to show up for the court hearing, the bonding agency may also ask for collateral in the form of a property or a car, etc. This serves to protect the interests of the bail bonding agency, in case of any failure by the offender to show up for the case hearing.

Becoming A Bail Bondsman

Bail bondsmen need to have the required educational qualification and should also meet the legal requirements and criteria specified by the state laws in order to practice within the industry. For example, they need to have a valid state license to practice and should have affiliation with a bonding Surety Agency if they require means to cover their bond payments.

Benefits Of The Services

The entire concept behind the formulation and industry practice of a bail bonds company is to provide the accused offender and defendants with a means of acquiring the required bail amount conveniently, thus avoiding having to spend time in jail.

The surety provided by the bonding agency serves to buy the offender much needed time to get their affairs in order and prepare suitably for their case hearing on an assigned date (i.e. hire a criminal defense lawyer). Though it is a service offered for the convenience of every individual, the bail bondsman can refuse to provide surety if they feel that the transgressor is a probable flight risk or has a sufficient criminal history to warrant them a risk.

Means Of Resolving Flight Risks

As bonding agencies are very well aware of the risk they take in offering surety for an offender, they are completely prepared beforehand to deal with any circumstances which might arise. If the individual does not show up for the hearing, then either the bail bondsman or a bounty hunter tracks down the fugitive and brings them back for imprisonment and settling of the bail amount.

Bail bonding agencies provide much needed expert guidance to inexperienced individuals on how to tackle the problem suitably and according to legal requirements.

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