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Posting Bail for Someone in Los Angeles and What It Means

Bail payment is the only means available to an arrested offender to earn their instant freedom, thus avoiding spending time in jail for being accused of a felony or some type of an illegal act.

Individuals, who are detained by the authorities for supposedly committing a crime of a serious or minor nature, are kept in custody until the time of their hearing in front of a judge. The only alternative that the arrested offenders have, in order to secure their freedom and not spending time in the jailhouse, is to either post bail themselves or ask a friend or relative to help them post bail through a bail bonds agent or agency.

Surety Money On Behalf Of the Offender

Posting bail means making bail payment on behalf of the defendant, as a means of surety to secure their freedom, until the verdict at the conclusion of the case hearing. Bail money is determined on the basis of the nature and the severity of the committed crime or in accordance to a preset bail schedule, and can range from a small amount to astronomically large sums.

As bail payment is merely surety money, and a form of guarantee by the offender that they will definitely show up to defend their case in court, the amount is returned to whoever put up the total amount, be the offender or a bondsman, after the completion of the case proceedings or the verdict. Some amount is deducted from the bail payment in the form of court expenses or restitution, while the remaining is returned to the individual who had paid bail as surety.

Therefore, posting bail for someone means making a full bail payment to secure them time out of jail before the case proceedings. But if you were to post bail for a friend or relative, then it is important that you understand that bail, being surety money, will be forfeited if the defendant fails to attend their case on the assigned date and time in court and has a financial obligation tied to it.

So if you intend to help out a friend by posting their bail, make sure that you are definite that they will turn up for the case hearing and will not skip the proceedings, leaving you in a problematic situation such as a financial loss.

A Bailing Option

Sometimes the bail amount is so high that it is not possible for the offender or their relatives to make the bail payment, causing the offender to spend time in jail till their court hearing. In such cases, posting a bail bond is also an option which is utilized by individuals who don’t have the immediate means to meet the bail payment requirements in full, or are unable to contact a friend or relative at the moment.

Bail Bond companies offer the detained individual with the assistance of acquiring the required bail amount, by signing an agreement with the bail bondsmen to provide surety on their behalf. Posting bond requires an agreement along with a percentage payment of the total bail amount to the bailing agency, as fees for their offered services.

Once the defendant shows up for their case hearing, the bail amount is returned by the court which is taken by the bailing company and the fee is kept as compensation of their timely assistance. In some cases, bailing agencies may also require collateral while providing and posting bail assistance, in order to safeguard their interests better. If the offender fails to make an appearance in court on the designated date and time to defend their case, it becomes a liability for the bailing agency to make the total payment of the bail amount, because they had provided the surety on behalf of the transgressor.

Posting bail is the procedure of making the cash payment of the bail amount by the offender himself or by a friend on his behalf, while posting bond involves the services of a bailing agency. Surety involves the liability to make a full payment or forfeit the paid bail amount, which in both the cases is the defendant fails to appear at any point of their criminal proceedings.

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