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Fully licensed and bonded by the state of California, Bail Bonds Direct is one of the most well respected names when it comes to bail bonds. Our agency only hires the best when it comes to agents who know their business. They know the Norwalk jail system and can avoid unnecessary headaches and mistakes. Most bonds can be approved over the phone, allowing us to meet you at the jail to hasten the bail bonds process. Our paperwork is quick and easy and can be completed in as little as 15 minutes.

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Norwalk Booking & Release Process: Knowing how it works can help you avoid mistakes

The booking and release processes in place at Norwalk Jail are the same no matter what the charge. Whether it's a DWI, DUI, domestic violence or any other misdemeanor or felony offense, you will be booked and processed in the same fashion. If you have been arrested by the Norwalk Sheriff's Department, you will be taken to the Norwalk Sheriff's Station Jail on Civic Center Drive. You will be held there until your arraignment. Arraignments are held a short distance away in the Norwalk Superior Courthouse in Norwalk, California. Defendants with misdemeanor charges must be arraigned within 24 business hours after their arrest. Those taken in on felony charges must be arraigned within 48 business hours. A person can post bail at the Norwalk Sheriff's Station Jail 7 days a week, 24 hours a day as soon as the defendant's booking process has been completed.

The Booking Process for the Norwalk Jail

The booking process must be finished before any bail amount can be accepted. After they arrive at the, jail all of their personal belongings will be collected by the jailer. It will be logged and secured until their release. A picture will be taken and the defendant will undergo a physical examination. A scan machine will be used to digitally record the defendant's fingerprints. Background checks will be performed on every defendant in an attempt to find any warrants, holds or aliases. If any of these things are found they will be detained without bail, otherwise, they will be assigned bail and the release process can begin once bail has been posted.

Because Norwalk Jail does not employ a nurse on the premises, any defendant that requires medication will be transferred to any one of the other Los Angeles County Jails. Men will be sent to what is known as Twin Towers or Men's Central Jail. Women will be sent to Lynwood, California where they will be held at Century Regional Detention Facility. Individuals who are transferred to a county facility must start the booking process all over, making the entire process much longer.. In most cases, jailers at Norwalk Jail will hold an inmate if we notify them that one of our agents is on the way and will be waiting to pick them up as soon as their background check is cleared. If an inmate has already been transferred to a county facility, we can post bonds at either place any hour of the day or night.

Norwalk Jail Release Process

At the Norwalk Jail, it takes from 30 minutes to 3 hours for a defendant to be released. The time varies according to how busy the staff members are and the length of time it takes to get the background check results. After the defendant's release, they will need to meet with the bail bond agent and complete their portion of the paperwork. The agent will also take their picture and make sure they understand all of the details of their case. Most initial court dates are scheduled 30 days after the day the bond out of jail. This will give the defendant enough time to hire an attorney and adequately prepare their case before going to trial.

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