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Lynwood is a very small city in Los Angeles County. For most people, they have never heard of this small city for several reasons. For one, it is mainly an industrial area with a low income neighborhood mixed in. You wouldn’t drive through Lynwood unless you had business here or found out that one of your loved ones was arrested and is sitting either at the Century Sheriff’s Station (for males) or the Century Regional Detention Facility (CRDF is the LA County Jail for women). Both facilities sit on the same lot, on the west side of South Alameda Street in Lynwood facing one another. They also share the same parking lot. All women that have been to court and are not ordered released by a judge go to CRDF. All women who have a medical condition and are in custody also get transferred to CRDF. As you can imagine, it is a packed house every night with a serious overcrowding issue. Bailing someone out of CRDF is a nightmare because of the fact that they no longer have an administrative staff to accept bail bonds due to LA County budget cuts. This means that all bail bonds have to be turned in at the men’s facility in Downtown LA (Twin Towers Correctional Facility) because they now share only one administrative section/staff (the men’s). This delays the release process by approx. 12-16 hours. It is almost unimaginable that with today’s technology, the LA County Sheriff would use such a primitive method in transferring paperwork. Believe it or not, in order for any bail bond to get from TTCF to CRDF, they have designated a driver, a sheriff deputy, called a “prowler” to drive paperwork back and forth all day and that includes bail bonds, back and forth, back and forth all day. This is not a joke, but we have suggested that perhaps training pigeons to fly the paperwork back and forth would perhaps be quicker and more cost effective. CRDF cannot and will not release any female that has posted bail until they physically have the original bail bond in hand. This of course depends on this prowler. You can see why we have labeled the process as a nightmare. Keep in mind that to complete the necessary paperwork and collect a payment for the bond (cash, check, credit card), it may take no more than twenty minutes or so. It is definitely frustrating not only for the paying customer that purchased a bond, but also to the bail bondsman that has to take phone calls for the next 24 hours as to why this person hasn't been released yet.

Lynwood Crime DataCrime Data FAQ

(100 is safest)Safer than 30% of
the cities
in the US.

Lynwood Annual Crimes

541 1,373 1,914
annual crimes per 1,000 residents
7.63 19.36 26.99

Violent Crime Comparisonper 1,000 residents



in Lynwood1 in 131

in California1 in 236

Population 70,908Lynwood violent crimes
REPORT TOTAL 9 24 211 297
RATE PER 1,000 0.13 0.34 2.98 4.19
Population 313,914,040United States violent crimes
REPORT TOTAL 14,827 84,376 354,522 760,739
RATE PER 1,000 0.05 0.27 1.13 2.42

Property Crime Rate Comparisonper 1,000 residents



in Lynwood1 in 52

in California1 in 36

Population 70,908Lynwood property crimes
REPORT TOTAL 350 503 520
RATE PER 1,000 4.94 7.09 7.33
Population 313,914,040United States property crimes
REPORT TOTAL 2,103,787 6,150,598 721,053
RATE PER 1,000 6.70 19.59 2.30

Crimes Per Square Mile



Lynwood Bail Bond Release Time From Jail

Aside from the bail bond, which takes 12-16 hours to arrive at CRDF, it takes an additional 6-12 hours for release from the time the original bond arrives at CRDF because of their workload. As mentioned earlier, due to budget cuts, they have less deputies doing more work than they initially signed up to do. At any rate, part of what makes Bail Bonds DIRECT special is that we care about this issue. We want to make sure that we get your loved one out as soon as possible. Our agents have shifts covering 24 hrs seven days a week. If you have someone you love stuck in CRDF or at the Century Sheriff's Station Jail, call us, we are local to Lynwood, CA and we will promise to do everything we can to make the process as fast as possible. Keep in mind that when you use Bail Bonds DIRECT as your bail bonds provider, there is no middle man; you deal directly with the same local licensed bondman from start to finish. Save time, Deal DIRECT.

Helpful Bail Bond Resources in Lynwood

Sheriff Department Information - Here you can find the telephone number and address directly to the Lynwood Sheriff Department.
LASD Inmate Information - You can search for inmate information using name and birth date.

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