Is Collateral

Is Collateral Necessary to Secure a Los Angeles Bail Bond?

Bail money is the means of acquiring temporary freedom for a person who has been arrested and detained in a jailhouse, for having committed an illegal act or crime. In order to avoid jail time and ensure the preparation for the criminal court case, putting up bail money is the only alternative which is available to the offender or their friends, to buy them some free time while the hearings go on.

Bail money acts as surety that the offender will either show up for their case hearing on the designated date, to defend their case in court or lose this money. If the defendant turns up successfully in court, the bail money is returned after the case proceedings.

Bail money is determined, taking into consideration the nature and circumstances of the crime committed by the offender. The amount can be of a few hundred dollars and can even range up to large sums, which makes it sometimes impossible for the accused as well as their families to meet the bail requirements and make the payment. And this is where bail bonds comes into the picture to provide an effective solution to the friends and families of arrested individuals, who are unable to afford the needed total bail payment.

Los Angeles Bail Bonds - An Effective Solution

Bail bonds are services that make it possible for the offender and their relatives to easily provide bail as surety for acquiring the temporary freedom of the transgressor. Bailing agencies and bail bondsmen offer services, in which they provide surety money to the authorities on behalf of the detained individual, that they will show up to their court hearings on the allegations.

Bailing agencies only require a certain amount, a small percentage of the total bail amount from the offender (8-10% in California), as their fees, and also get the bail bond returned to them after the case hearing is done as due compensation for their services. The agencies sign an agreement or bond with the offender for providing their services, which is fully earned upon the release of the principal.

But as the bail bondsman provides surety on behalf of the offender, they may also require a suitable guarantee, other than the small paid premium, that the individual will not skip out on them, which will otherwise result in their obligation to make the complete bail payment. To secure their remaining interests, bail bond agencies may ask for collateral.

Collateral - An Essential for Bailing Companies in Los Angeles

Collateral is any form of asset which is offered as surety or guarantee to an individual, and is returned to the original owner after the completion of the appointed task.

A form of collateral required by some the bailing companies, follows the same basic principle of acting as surety against their provided services, to safeguard their interests in case the defendant fails to show up in court. As the absence of the offender in court causes the bail bondsmen to make the complete bail payments, because of having provided surety, it prompts them to ask for collateral since the premium they charge is only a fraction of that amount.

Though some agencies do not require collateral as a vital essential, most ask for it, especially if the defendant is a multiple time offender with a record of failing to show up for case hearings. Individuals, who have long criminal records and are noted for their tendency to skip court hearings, are asked for collateral that include properties or other assets, to protect the interests of the bailing agency and persuade the offender to show up in court, or risk forfeiting their real estate.

Besides property or real estate, other assets are also used as collateral by agencies and returned once the defendant attends their case as per the requirements. Titles to land, vehicles, cash, credit card payments or other assets is taken by bailing agencies as collateral, especially in the case of a high risk offender.

Collateral is the surety that bailing agencies opt for, to compel their clients to turn up in court, thus reducing the risk of their having to make the total bail payment.

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