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Bail Bonds DIRECT services the city of El Monte, the San Gabriel Valley and all its residents 24/7 with direct bail service. If a person is arrested in El Monte or South El Monte, the arrest would certainly involve the El Monte Police Department. Located on Valley Blvd, across the street from the El Monte Courthouse (aka Rio Hondo Court), the El Monte Police Department is where all bail bonds are turned in by bail bondsmen. With an average crime rate in comparison to surrounding cities, the El Monte Police department arrestees are taken to the El Monte Jail and held there until court. In some cases, an inmate may be transferred due to a medical condition that requires either a doctor’s attention or a nurse to administer medication. If you are able to call us quickly, we are generally able to stop this transfer from taking place by calling the El Monte Jailor and informing him/her of our intent to bail this person out. Whether a person is arrested for a DUI, domestic violence, a drug charge, assault, a sex crime or even robbery, Bail Bonds DIRECT is able to get them out on bail FAST! The bail process in El Monte is pretty simple and the release time is quick.

El Monte Bail Bond Process

Here is a common question that we get when people call us. “I have never done this before, bailing someone out of jail, so how does this bail thing work?” Well, this is the answer. We have to put a certain amount of money in a form of a bond to get that person out. For the sake of the example, let’s say the bail amount is set at $10,000. This means that Bail Bonds DIRECT will put up ten thousand with the El Monte Jail and charge you, being the co-signer or defendant a fee to do so. In California, there are two legal rates that are approved by the Department of Insurance (DOI). The rates are 10% and 8% respectively depending on the contractual agreement with the DOI. So, if the rate is 10%, you would pay us one thousand and we will write a ten thousand dollar bond to get the defendant out of jail. As long as the defendant shows up to each and every court date, that is the only fee you will pay us. Once we have an agreement set, you would meet one of our bail agents in the lobby at the El Monte Police Department and we would proceed to turn in the bond. From the time a bail bond is turned in, it takes approx. 20-30 minutes for release. There is paperwork to complete, and we accept all forms of payment including credit, cash, check or money order.

Once the inmate is released, he/she also has to sign paperwork and get their picture taken in the event they decide to skip court. A copy of the bond is required by law to be issued. You will find a future court date on that bond, the first court date only, which the defendant must show up to. Every court date afterwards, it is the defendant’s responsibility to write down or remember. In the event a person misses court, they must call us immediately to avoid arrest. The Bail process is fast and simple with us but if you have any questions or need to get a loved one out, please do not hesitate to call us right away. We are here to serve you in your time of need. Save time, deal DIRECT.

El Monte Crime DataCrime Data FAQ

(100 is safest)Safer than 38% of
the cities
in the US.

El Monte Annual Crimes

395 2,230 2,625
annual crimes per 1,000 residents
3.42 19.33 22.76

Violent Crime Comparisonper 1,000 residents



in El Monte1 in 292

in California1 in 236

  El MonteCalifornia 
Population 115,356El Monte violent crimes
REPORT TOTAL 4 14 203 174
RATE PER 1,000 0.03 0.12 1.76 1.51
Population 313,914,040United States violent crimes
REPORT TOTAL 14,827 84,376 354,522 760,739
RATE PER 1,000 0.05 0.27 1.13 2.42

Property Crime Rate Comparisonper 1,000 residents



in El Monte1 in 52

in California1 in 36

  El MonteCalifornia 
Population 115,356El Monte property crimes
REPORT TOTAL 571 1,081 578
RATE PER 1,000 4.95 9.37 5.01
Population 313,914,040United States property crimes
REPORT TOTAL 2,103,787 6,150,598 721,053
RATE PER 1,000 6.70 19.59 2.30

Crimes Per Square Mile


  El MonteCalifornia 

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