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We at Burbank Bail Bonds Direct are dedicated to helping you get your loved one out of jail as quickly and with as little hassle as possible. Our agents are positioned on the ground in Burbank, Pasadena, Glendale, and the surrounding areas and can offer you immediate assistance. While we specialize in felony-level bail bonds for allegations such as DUIs, thefts, and domestic violence, we can assist all who are in need of a bail bond.

Expert Bail Bonds Services for Burbank

From the moment you contact us at Bail Bonds Direct, one of our experienced agents will quickly and courteously assist you with the bail bonds process. He/she will explain to you the whole process and answer any pertinent questions you may have. We move fast to arrange the bail and to process all of the paperwork associated with the bond, and our agents are available to meet you at the incarceration center with only minutes’ notice to ensure all goes smoothly and without delay.

While we serve a wider region, our bail bonds agents are particularly experienced at handling bail bonds within the city of Burbank. We have served the local Burbank area for many years, have thousands of residents to get out of jail with minimal hassle, and we are ready to assist you in the same way.

When someone is arrested in Burbank, he/she will likely be taken straight to the Burbank Police Department Jail at 200 North Third Street. Immediately upon arrival, a law enforcement officer will confiscate the arrestee’s personal items to hold until his/her release. At that point, a jailer will commence to book the defendant, which can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours, depending on the workload of the jail staff at the time.

Booking begins with the gathering of basic personal data on the arrestee, including such things as legal name, place of residence, and date of birth so that the jailer can enter this information into the L.A. County Sheriff’s database. Next, the defendant will be fingerprinted and have his fingerprints submitted to a Live Scan device, which compares them against the DOJ database. If no outstanding warrants or other disqualifiers are discovered, the inmate is “cleared for bail,” and the release process can begin. It can take 45 minutes to a few hours for the Live Scan results to arrive, but as soon as this occurs, one of our bail bonds agents can post the bail.

Why Choose Burbank Bail Bonds Direct

While there are many bail bonds companies serving Burbank, those of Bail Bonds Direct are among the most highly trained and long experienced, and we have agents who are equipped to handle every type of bail bond from beginning to end. We realize how stressful it is to learn that a family member or friend has been arrested, and we patiently explain to you the process to make things as easy as possible and to set your mind at ease.

Our policy is to assign every client his/her own personal bail bonds agent in order to keep confusion to a minimum and to avoid your having to repeat the details of your case to multiple agents. We keep ourselves available to serve you on a 24/7 basis, so you can contact us anytime to arrange a bail bond or to inquire about the bail bonds process. We put a premium on customer service, and our number one goal is to get your loved one out of jail fast.

About the Burbank Police Department

The Burbank Police Department, located at 200 North 3rd Street in Burbank, is responsible for the safety of city residents and of all who visit Burbank from other locations. It is a full-service department with 72 officers, 46 “civilian personnel,” and 100 or so community volunteers.

The regular department is divided into various sections, each with their own special roles, that cooperate together to keep Burbank one of the safest cities in the whole state of California. These sections include: administration, patrols, special units, and volunteers. The volunteers are further divided into the following groups: citizen patrols, emergency communication, and “explorer programs.” All of these subdivisions of the Burbank PD work together at catching criminals, crime prevention, and community interactions that build relationships with local residents.

The officers of the Burbank Police Department are all graduates of police academy and also receive additional training when they arrive for duty at the department. They are expected to possess deep knowledge of state laws that affect their daily tasks as well as to be ready to handle any situation that may arise in the course of their duties.

About the Burbank Courthouse

The Burbank Courthouse, located at 300 East Olive Avenue in Burbank, has long served the people of the community and has earned a reputation of respect among the residents. The workload of this courthouse is high, as it handles all cases that fall within the local jurisdiction and also hears cases from nearby towns like Pasadena, Van Nuys, Glendale, and Sherman Oaks.

As soon as you walk inside the courthouse doors, you will be met by law enforcement officers who are stationed on the premises. They will search you and any personal items you bring along, in the interests of keeping the building and all in it safe from any potential threats. At the administration office, all trials to occur in the courthouse are organized and scheduled, so this is the place to inquire when you want to find out the date of your next court appearance. The District Manager, the Operations Manager, and a representative of the volunteer department will also be present in the courthouse, along with interns and “externs” who are training to enter a career in law.

All cases, both criminal and civil, both small and great, as long as they fall within the jurisdiction of Burbank, are conducted in the Burbank Courthouse. Fines can be paid to the county clerk at his/her office on the first floor. Family law cases are handled here, and advisors on family law situations are available to consult with. To deal with any traffic violation charges, you also come to the courthouse, although you should plan on an early arrival since lines are generally quite long.

For those who have been arrested and are to be tried in the Burbank Courthouse, bail must be posted there before three o’clock since the clerk cannot accept any bail postings after that time. If late in posting, your loved one would have to be put back in jail until the following day.

We at Burbank Bail Bonds Direct are ready to assist you 24/7 with all of your bail bonds needs. Contact us today at 213-550-1142, and a fully licensed bail bonds agent will be able to begin the process of getting your loved one out of jail without delay.

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