It isn’t who you think either. It’s not the bully who shoved you down in recess, or even the kid with anger issues. No. It’s that shy girl, Nancy, who was so petite and pretty that even the boys afraid of girl fleas would stare at her during reading time. Yeah, she grew up to be gorgeous, smart, popular, and in jail.

What did she do? Rob a bank? Stab her boyfriend? Hardly. She is still shy and even nice—but she broke the law. It might be that Nancy borrowed two or three Percocet from her roommate without asking, or it could be that a friend hid a pound of weed under the seat of her car. It might be, that she ordered some pretty flowers from the Internet that turned out to be a protected species. That would make he...

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Overworked individuals, type-A personalities, and even workaholics often express that a week in jail would be a welcome reprieve from their daily stress. Those fortunate few, who actually get their wish, invariably change their minds within a few minutes.

If you happen to be one of those who feel this way, let me give you a few reasons why you should always pay the bond and make bail before you even try this bad idea. For brevity’s sake, let’s skip over some of the details so we can highlight just the good stuff.

Let’s assume you get arrested on a minor charge. The arresting officer will place you in handcuffs and take you to the county facility. Don’t bother complaining about the handcuffs crushing your wrists, t...

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The morphing of the English language to be less gender specific somehow hasn’t changed the word bondsman to bondsperson in common vernacular. Consequently, to be politically correct you might want to refer to a bondsperson by their proper title, “Bail Bond Agent.”


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Crime shows have always been popular entertainment. Even the old Andy Griffith Show had a theme centered on the hometown sheriff and his jail. Now we have CSI Miami, Las Vegas, and New York and multiple other crime-investigation/courtroom dramas that are on every night of the week. Every now and again, the topic of making bail comes up. Even though you might not think that making bail will ever apply to you, you might want to know the steps you will go through if it does. (Just a hint: No matter who you are it could easily come up.)


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Did you ever wonder why bail was as expensive as it is? Aren’t some of the laws (and the subsequent bail) a little ridiculous? Bail is meant to keep the defendant either in jail or in town until trail. The 2013 California uniform bail schedule reveals a few interesting facts. Some of the bail prices make you wonder how they rate their crimes.

1) “Marijuana, possession to sell” has a bail of $20,000. If you have over 25 pounds of the stuff, $50,000 is your ticket price. 50 pounds of marijuana will ensure a $100,000 bail. However, the bail price doesn’t seem sufficient. If they were dealing with a serious drug dealer with that many pounds of marijuana, it’s likely that he will have enough to bail himself out w...

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The issue of the legality of bounty hunting has been brought up again, although this time in the northern state of Wisconsin. Republican Governor Scott Walker has recently vetoed a bill that allows for the existence and employment of bounty hunters in Wisconsin, the second time in two years he has taken this action. It has been met with mixed emotions by proponents of both sides, and once again stirs up the debate surrounding the legal and ethical nature of bounty hunters.

Bounty Hunters on Planet Earth

If you have ever seen the original Star Wars trilogy, then you might remember the character Boba Fett. An intergalactic bounty hunter, he is employed by various factions to capture and deliver prisoners who have escaped from their detention.

While they may not wear ar...

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Your friend calls you from jail on a Friday night – he or she needs you to come post bail so they can avoid a night in jail. You have been out drinking that night with friends, but you think that you might just be sober enough to drive your way to the county jail and spring your friend from a night in a cell.

That is exactly what this Iowa City woman tried to do for her friend, but instead she just did a favor for the police – she drove right down to the jail where the police officers could charge her with driving while intoxicated.

So before you decide to hop behind the wheel while intoxicated or high to save your friend, think about your options, and consider other ways you can help.

1. Don’t Even Think About Driving

If your friend calls from jail, your fi...

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Bail bonds are the enforcers of the constitution. Our founding fathers ensured that we have the right to be treated as equal citizens until proven guilty. But society, and often our own justice system, views defendants as “guilty until proven innocent.”

Bail Lets You Keep Your Innocence

In America, you are innocent until proven guilty. Bail is offered to keep this stance. But other countries, such as Italy, have a completely different attitude towards the accused. While Italy does follow the “innocent until proven guilty” theory, they do not offer bail. Instead, they’re allowed to hold accused (without charging them) for up to a year. They don’t treat the accused as innocents.

Even in America, you can quickly be labeled as guilty even...

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The very government that arrested you and now holds you in their zero-star hotel wants 100% control of your bail options. They expect to accomplish this by continuing to demonize and attempt legislation against the bail bond industry. Despite the effectiveness of the system, it faces harsh criticism from attorneys to judges who seem to be offended that someone let the bail bond industry into their elite members-only club of highly educated professionals who hold the reigns of justice.


Dave’ story:

Dave wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. He worked hard but because he was always helping his kids, never seemed to have two dimes to rub together. He was arrested on a failure to appear charge that he forgot about. The bail w...

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