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“I’ve never done this before, so I don’t know how this bail bonds thing works. Can you explain?” Believe it or not, that is how the majority of our calls start. Consider this scenario, one of your friends or a family member happened to be driving and was pulled over by the Alhambra Police Department (APD). After a brief background check, it turns out they have a warrant and are placed under arrest. Regardless if it is a warrant, a DUI, domestic Violence or theft, all individuals arrested in the city of Alhambra are taken to the Alhambra Police Station Jail where they will have two options. Option one, to wait and see the judge, or two, to bond out. As for option one, all warrant and misdemeanor arrests go to court on the very next business day (weekends and court holidays excluded) while felony arrests go on the second business day. As far as bonding out, it is a process that can take less than an hour for release if you happen to call Bail Bonds DIRECT (BBD). Dealing with a BBD agent is very easy going, simple and most importantly goes by very fast mainly because every one of our agents know what he/she is doing. From start to finish, you deal with one agent and one agent only. There is no middle man, no supervisor, and no gimmicks. If you put yourself in the shoes of the defendant, you would want to get out of jail as fast as possible. We understand that, so let us explain to you what the fastest bail process in Alhambra entails.

Alhambra Bail Bonds Process

The Alhambra Police Station Jail is located inside the APD, a half a block away from the Alhambra Courthouse, right off the South 1st Street and East Commonwealth Ave intersection. Because all bail bonds have to be turned into the Alhambra Jailor, it is faster to meet inside the lobby of the APD than anywhere else. The process involves filling out paperwork, paying for the bond, turning the bond in and then waiting for release. Alhambra Jail does a good job releasing inmates very quickly (within 10-20min) once the bond is processed. After the defendant is released, we complete his/her side of the paperwork, take their picture, and send you on your way. The most important thing about signing responsibility for a defendant is to make sure they go to each and every future court date until the case is over. As long as you are confident the person will appear in court, then there shouldn’t be any issues as far as liability is concerned. BBD is local to Alhambra therefore, we can guarantee that one of our licensed bail agents can get to the station and provide bail services quickly and efficiently no matter what time of day it is. Our doors never close and our bail bonds service is available 24/7.

If you find yourself in need of a professional bail bondsman in Alhambra, CA, call Bail Bonds DIRECT. You will deal with the same agent from start to finish, no middle man, no supervisor or manager to interfere. Our experience in Alhambra is extensive because we’ve bailed out hundreds of individuals out of the Alhambra Jail over the years. We are familiar with the system, the jailors/staff and they are familiar with us. Call us today, Save Time, Deal DIRECT.

Alhambra Crime DataCrime Data FAQ

(100 is safest)Safer than 34% of
the cities
in the US.

Alhambra Annual Crimes

149 1,919 2,068
annual crimes per 1,000 residents
1.76 22.72 24.48

Violent Crime Comparisonper 1,000 residents



in Alhambra1 in 567

in California1 in 236

Population 84,469Alhambra violent crimes
REPORT TOTAL 0 2 66 81
RATE PER 1,000 0.00 0.02 0.78 0.96
Population 313,914,040United States violent crimes
REPORT TOTAL 14,827 84,376 354,522 760,739
RATE PER 1,000 0.05 0.27 1.13 2.42

Property Crime Rate Comparisonper 1,000 residents



in Alhambra1 in 44

in California1 in 36

Population 84,469Alhambra property crimes
REPORT TOTAL 325 1,339 255
RATE PER 1,000 3.85 15.85 3.02
Population 313,914,040United States property crimes
REPORT TOTAL 2,103,787 6,150,598 721,053
RATE PER 1,000 6.70 19.59 2.30

Crimes Per Square Mile



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