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Bail Bonds DIRECT® is a California licensed and bonded Professional Corporation. With the most trusted name in the bail bonds industry, our team of bail agents knows the Los Angeles County Jails like the palm of their hand.

Los Angeles Bail Bonds DIRECT is one of the most respected and trusted names in California when it comes to the bail bonds industry. As a professional corporation, all of our agents are licensed and bonded and have an in depth understanding of how the judicial system works in Los Angeles County.

Our professional and highly trained bail bonds agents are only a phone call away. One of our agents is available every hour of every day to serve your needs. 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, we will answer your questions and help you better understand what happens after an arrest and what is needed to post bail. We will explain what a surety bond is and what payment plans are readily available to you. Our goal is to supply you with truthful, honest answers that will help relieve the stress and confusion you are experiencing. At Bail Bonds DIRECT, we make sure you are taken care of quickly and efficiently

Let Our Bail Bond Agents Help You!

Through our many years in business, experiences we have witnessed only prove that bad things happen to good people. We all make mistakes, face devastating tragedies, have our share of bad luck and exercise poor judgment. The conditions and situations we find ourselves in can be crazy, but we all must face our share of adversity and prevail. It makes no difference if you are poor or extremely wealthy, young, old, educated or a graduate of the school of hard knocks. Situations do arise in which you or a loved one ends up being arrested. If you are put in jail, our bail bond agency will be be there to help.

In order to get out of jail before your scheduled court hearing, you will need to work with your local criminal justice system and determine what type of bail you will need. Bail is designed to provide a guarantee that, if you are released, you will return to all scheduled hearings to face the charges that have been levied against you. This allows you to return home and in return alleviates the cost of the local government paying to support you during the incarceration. Cash, bail bonds or a cashier's check are common forms of bail bonds used to obtain a prisoner's release.

Why Use a Bail Bond in Los Angeles?

Individuals who have been arrested, often need a bail bond for one of the following reasons:

• Individuals cannot come up with enough actual cash to cover the entire bail bond.

• Certain individuals try to prevent their names from being on record with the court or the jail.

• Individuals who do have the money needed to post bail, often do not pay the full cash bond due to the risk of loss if the prisoner decides to not appear from court.

Bail Bond Payment Plans

The agents at Bail Bonds DIRECT can offer rates that are the lowest by law in the state of California. Individualized payment plans can be set up to help you cover your bond obligations. Union members, members of the armed forces, senior citizens and individuals who have their own counsel can qualify for bail bond rates that have been discounted in various ways. Call our office today to see what we can do to help you set up a payment plan that is affordable and will fit easily into your budget.

Additional Bail Bond Services in Los Angeles

We are, first and foremost, bail bonds agents. We do offer a variety of other services you may find useful in your time of need.

Surety Bonds

We have a large network of surety agencies that will allow us to help you with almost any type of surety bond.

Immigration Bail Bonds

The professional agents at Bail Bonds DIRECT have many strategic relationships with agencies that can help us arrange immigration bail bonds. A licensed immigration bond agent specializes in immigration holds and the types of bail bonds that are needed in those situations. The premiums for immigration bail bonds are higher and require more collateral, mainly because the risk of flight is greatly increased.

Call our office today at 213-465-4030 if you have any questions concerning immigration bail bonds. We have bail bond agents who are available any time, day or night. We even work weekends.

The Booking and Release Process in Los Angeles

Knowing what works will help you avoid mistakes

Arrests throughout the city of Los Angeles are made by the Los Angeles Police Department, CHP or the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. In most cases, an arrestee will booked into a local police or sheriff station and housed up to their first court date. In certain instances, an arrestee will be transferred to a larger jail such as the Metro Detention Center (MDC) in downtown Los Angeles, Century Regional Detention Facility, or Twin Towers. Whether a person is arrested for domestic violence, a DUI or for a drug related offense, the booking process may start at one place and finish at another. It is important to consult with a Bail Bonds DIRECT® agent who knows each facility, whether it’s the Inmate Reception Center (IRC) for men or the Century Regional Detention Facility (CRDF) for women, because every facility requires different steps in order to speed up the process for the eventual release.

It is important to note that prior to turning in a bail bond, an arrestee must first be “cleared for bail”. This process involves taking fingerprints (through livescan), sending it electronically to the Department of Justice (DOJ), and receiving a response back that has no additional warrants and/or holds. Once the results are in and the person is cleared, a bond gets turned in and the release process begins.

Once a bail bond is turned in, it can take anywhere from thirty minutes to several hours for release, which strictly depends on the facility and its staff. Release times do vary because certain facilities have bigger workloads and may be under-staffed at any given moment. Also, a medical clearance must be given on an inmate prior to release if he/she is or has claimed to have some sort of a medical condition (this can further delay release). Once out of custody, the defendant would need to complete his/her side of the paperwork and make sure that they show up to all future court dates and abide by all set bail conditions. If you are currently being charged with a felony level offense(s), it is recommended that you seek legal advice prior to your court date and/or potentially hire a Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer as soon as possible.

What We Will Need to Assist You for a Los Angeles Bail Bonds

        1. Defendant’s full name

        2. Location where the defendant is housed

If the defendant’s specific housing location is not available, we will still be able to find the defendant’s location. Once we located the defendant, we will contact the jail directly to obtain the full bail information required to post bail and secure the release. It’s that easy. Give us a call and we will handle it from there.

About Our Los Angeles Bail Bond Company

Bail Bonds DIRECT® provides bail bond services.  It’s all we do, exclusively, 24 hours, seven days a week.  We realized many years ago that in the business world, everything gets sold to the next highest bidder and everything gets outsourced, bail bond services included.  You’d call one person who you thought was providing you personal service and you find out that someone completely different ends up taking care of it.  For example, we heard a client of ours say “I hired the best attorney and paid him $10,000”.  It turned out that this attorney sold their case for half as much, to a less experienced attorney and didn’t need to do a thing but collect the initial payment.  It’s what we call taking the profit and selling the headache.  However, here at Bail Bonds DIRECT®, we do not experience headaches because we actually enjoy helping people, especially in stressful situations.  We believe there is not a better feeling in the world than helping another person in a time of need.  So, we decided to build Bail Bonds DIRECT® from the ground up to strictly provide a personal and caring bail service where you deal with one person from beginning to end.  There is no “middle-man”, no supervisor, no manager or boss that has to get involved and complicated or delay things.

We believe in simplicity and a clear line of communication.  

In 2010, Bail Bonds DIRECT® opened its first office in Santa Ana, CA.  Soon after, we expanded north to Los Angeles County where the majority of our clients reside.  Part of what keeps us motivated is the overwhelming response we have received from our clients.  We found out that in our industry, the bail bonds industry, there is a stigma attached to bail bondsmen.  Maybe we are supposed to have a certain “look” or act a certain way, but in reality, we are everyday people just like you.  We always hear “I didn’t expect you to look like that” type of comments from our clients.  Two of our bail agents are ordained ministers and part time practicing reverends, can you believe that?! See here  Let’s just say you would not be able to pick our bail agents out of a lineup.  We believe that all our local agents have to be approachable, friendly, and courteous people too and we certainly have achieved that much.  The bottom line message we want you to know about Bail Bonds DIRECT® is that we have put plenty of thought and a strong effort into all that we do in our business including but not limited to this very website you are on.  Lastly, we feel that if our top priority is truly to help our clients through the bail process caringly, the profits will no doubt be there.


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